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Annie Studer

Annie Studer is an Associate at Shane Strategies.

Prior to joining the company, Studer began her professional career exploring multiple job opportunities spanning from San Francisco to Los Angeles. She has held a recreation and entertainment assistant position with The Family Vacation Center where she strengthened her communication and analytical skills as well as her interpersonal effectiveness. Additionally, Studer gained substantial expertise as a private nanny. Studer has valuable organizational skills, relentless attention to detail, and the ability to learn from and adapt to all situations. Dependability and drive are qualities she attained from her professional background. Her extensive experience in the hospitality industry has created a wide skill set that she is eager to bring to the public relations sector.

Studer holds a BA in Recreation, Tourism, and Hospitality from The University of Northern Colorado. Originally based in Colorado, Studer recently moved to Los Angeles where she has fully submerged herself into the fast-paced lifestyle.